Chicken schnitzels Chicken schnitzels 4`s with cheese or mushroom fillings Southern Fried Chicken Pops  Crumbed breast fillets Garlic & parsley breast fillets Southern fried chicken strips Southern fried chicken rounde

Skinless chicken Whole birds Stuffed (seasonal) Wings Drumsticks Thighs Whole birds Buffalo wings Kebabs Chicken Leg 1/4  Chicken livers, Chunks & Soup packs

Buffalo wings Pork spare ribs Chicken  Kebabs Lemon & Herb Chicken BBQ Kebabs Chicken Kebabs Tikka Pork Sausage    

Baguette Roti`s Wholewheat wraps Mexican wraps Quiches Samoosa`s Spring rolls  

Tomato & mozarella Mini pizza Cocktail pizza`s Medium cheese & mushroom Pitta breads  

Family Pies  Family Chicken Family Steak Family Chicken & Mushroom Single pies  Steak   Chicken  Pepper steak  Chicken & Mushroom  

Chips kg & 2.5kg Sweet Potato Chips Potato Wedges Hash Browns Battered Onion Rings Crumbed Veggie burgers Country crop Corn Baby carrots, diced,sliced and Julienne Broccoli  Peas Stirfry rice Butternut

Butternut & pea and ham soup & Vegetable 

Pure beef burgers Extra lean beef mince

PORK RIBS Bacon Pork Sausage Cold meats

Shrimp Salmon Crumbed Fish Cakes Battered Fish Crumbed Calamari Rings Squid rings Crab sticks Prawn meat Mussel meat 1/2 Shell mussels Seafood mix Crumbed hake fillets Fish Fingers Snoek Haddock

Macaroni & cheese Chicken a La King Spinach gratin Beef lasagna Chicken lasagne Cottage pie Bobotie Mousaka Chicke korma Macaroni & mince Chicken & Butternut lasagne

Malva pudding Chocolate pudding Sticky toffee pudding   Waffles 6`s & 2`s Vanilla full cream ice cream Pumpkin Fritters Moo frozen yoghurt and Ice cream 500ml tubs Ice cream Various Ice Cream suckers

  Frankfurters Cheese russians      

Coat and cook sauce   Ready to serve sauce